About Us

As we look ahead into the next decades, we remain confident in our abilities to expand and thrive into new regions deserving the best of our proud business practices and human-centric approach. In all the relationships we build and all the business we establish, we always live up to the very essence of our brand. Integrity, collaboration and sustainability are the three values guiding our behavior, now and in the future.
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Chief Executive Officer
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Who Are We?

"Amity and Investments” is more than a slogan for us. It is who we are and how we conduct business. Indeed, we use amicable relations to nurture rewarding investments, and we seize investment opportunities to build bonds and bridges that stand the test of time. We are resolved to remain true to our slogan as we achieve further growth and success.


We develop business opportunities that reinforce concord and amity.


We nurture bonds with business pioneers in the Sultanate of Oman, GCC countries, and a number of other emerging markets. We do this to foster growth in these economies and bring prosperity to people.


We create value for our partners, clients, suppliers, and employees through investments that are built on amicable relations and rewarding financial outcomes.


We believe in ethical business founded on the solid grounds of honesty and trust. We uphold truthfulness and fairness in our relations with partners, clients, and employees.


We recognize that working hand in hand with our stakeholders makes our business more relevant and more meaningful. We make it a point to always listen to their needs and deliver on their expectations.


We always seek meaning in our business activities and strive to tap into opportunities that align with our stakeholders’ profile, risk appetite, areas of interest and the impact they want to create.

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Key Milestones

Establishment Year.
Founding shareholder of Al Madina Real Estate Company.
Establishment of Dhofar Global in the United Arab Emirates.
Founding shareholder of Al Hakeem Medical Center and National Mass Housing.
Expansion of Dhofar Global into Qatar.
Expansion of Dhofar Global operations into Oman. Launch of Hassad Agricultural Investments. Acquisition of equity in BPOS.
Founding shareholder of Chaga Health in Estonia.
Launching Innovations Consulting LLC.
Launching of Concordia Developments.
Rebranding Themar Group as Concordia Group. Launching Harmoonia in the UAE.
Launching of Trust Valuation in Oman. Digital Transformation of Dhofar Global.

Management Team

Our Investments

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Companies Fully Owned and Managed by Concordia Group
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Companies In Which We Have Minority Equity
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