Unleashing Potential

Human Development

Human development is a nation’s most cherished asset and a person’s most important achievement. In this essence, our emphasis on human development is geared to build the solid foundations for grooming the future leaders of tomorrow and helping today’s leaders move to the next level personally and professionally. We want people to equip themselves with the right education, so that they can play a positive role in the community, contribute to human capital development, and increase the world’s overall standard of living.

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Learning and Well being

Provides a well-being app designed to foster social and emotional learning through collaborative activities. It allows users to check-in on their emotional state, providing real-time data and enabling quick responses to group needs. The app offers a safe space for private or shared reflections, along with various interactive features like written posts and photos, fostering connection and collaboration.

To learn more about Clanbeat, visit their website.

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Innovations Consulting

Provides tailor-made workshops sessions to inspire leaders and forge result-oriented cultures, as well as training, coaching and consulting services on change management, transformational leadership, core brand essence articulation, public speaking and personal branding, etc. to help organizations reinvent their business models and improve their bottom-line results and Employee Happiness Index.