Building Tomorrow, Today

Technology and Innovation

Helping people conduct easier and more efficient lives is what drives our interest in innovation and technology. Finding solutions that weren’t thought of before is what we like to do. Just think how we communicate worldwide via email or text messaging; how we shop online, pay our bills, and manage our finances online; how we consume most of our media; how we are connected to each others; how modern corporations manage their operations; and most importantly how we are doing more with less, improving our personal and professional lives and enhancing our comfort and convenience.


We are thrilled to witness the flourishing of e-commerce both in the GCC and on a global scale. Driven by a young, tech-savvy population, rising disposable incomes, and government support, this growth is not only delivering convenience and a wide array of choices to consumers but also catalyzing job opportunities and fostering GDP growth. We are eager to harness this momentum and actively contribute to the expansion of e-commerce, recognizing its ever more vital role in the region's economic landscape.

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E-commerce solution
Ion Basket

A social-media-centric e-commerce solution designed to automate and simplify tasks like order processing, payment handling, and invoicing for online sellers, freeing up their time and effort.

As firm believers in Fintech and the opportunities it unlocks for humanity, we are keen to contribute to its development in the GCC region and the world. Our aim is to reinforce financial inclusion and to allow for more convenience, speed, and reliability in providing effective and efficient financial services.

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Online platforms
Horizons Capital Markets

Specialized in creating internet and mobile platforms enabling, among others, the execution of trades and account management online.