Healthy Living

Our approach to healthy living is broad and inclusive. We believe healthy living is a choice to maintain a sound and sustainable future, within an economically viable environment where everyone can live and work with peace of mind. This makes us strong advocates of wellness and hygiene, early medical care and prevention, and healthy eating habits that start with sustainable agriculture practices.

Health, Hygiene and Wellness

People with a good state of physical, mental, social, and emotional wellbeing are invaluable contributors to growth and development. They make good judgments and sound decisions for a secure, happier, and more sustainable future for themselves and for other people. Through our investments, we seek to maintain our communities in a healthy condition by improving public health and access to hygiene solutions, which have proved to be critical during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also equip our neighborhoods with facilities to cure and prevent diseases, control their spread, and enhance the quality of life.

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Public Health, Stationary
Dhofar Global

Fully owned and managed by Concordia Group and is one of its largest investments. Recognized as a provider of goods and solutions that improve lives and lifestyles in different geographies, it continues to grow, since its inception in 2007, thanks to its large base of loyal customers and innovative global partners. The company provides rewarding experiences to its employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners, by offering innovative affordable goods and solutions that help individuals and companies thrive and allow optimal bottom-line results.
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Healthy Elixir
Shroomwell Innovation

The world’s largest grower of medicinal mushrooms with an expansive 500-hectare field cultivation presence in Estonia and the USA, as well as a producer of an exquisite selection of mushroom elixirs and products.
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Medical services
Al Hakeem Medical Center

Provides advanced medical services and disease prevention and treatment options to the habitants of Salalah, in the Sultanate of Oman.
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Wellness, supplements, distribution

Specializes in the trade and distribution of unique supplements that have a solid story and proven record of improving the health of users, including Shroomwell products as their exclusive partner in the GCC countries.

Agriculture is a driver of economic development and is also tied to human health. Farmers produce the crops for existence and the ingredients necessary for medicine. They grow the right crops and keep the right livestock to ensure that our community can eat healthy and form strong immune systems to fight against diseases and infections. 

In that sense, we strongly believe that agriculture plays a key role to a healthy living, and we take it a step forward through organic practices that offer the best nutritional value and reduce exposure to chemicals. We also equip our neighborhoods with facilities to cure and prevent diseases, control their spread, and enhance the quality of life.

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Hassad Agricultural Investments

Offers an unparalleled experience in breeding a variety; procuring the best quality feed in line with the best animal farming practices; and providing organically grown vegetables and fruits.