Themar Group Announces Company Name Change to Concordia Group

01 March, 2022

Themar Group, a leading investment organization in the GCC, has announced that it will start operating under the name of Concordia Group.

This rebranding strategy reflects the evolution of Themar Group all through the past 25 years since its creation in 1997. It also echoes its vision in cementing itself in the GCC region and other emerging markets as an investment partner for many promising businesses. Along with this change in the name of the organization, Concordia Group comes with a newly redesigned logo and new website that features the organization's history, the way it operates and its major business lines and investments.

"2022 marks an important milestone in the evolution of our organization"
Founder and Chairman of Concordia Group
Dr. Amer Al Rawas

"Over the past decades, we have concentrated our experiences on building the capabilities that allowed us to expand into overseas markets and build solid partnerships. The rebranding of our company comes as a confirmation of our strategy to make it more global, while remaining true to our roots as an Omani based company. Concordia Group is a brand name that reflects the essence of Omani culture, which is focused on amity and the permanent quest for concord among people. "Amity and Investment" will be our slogan and will inspire our way of conducting business. We are very much excited to introduce it," he added.

It is to note that Concordia Group holds investments in 10 countries in the GCC region and the world. Its investments are focused in 5 areas including healthy living, technology and innovation, real estate, human development, and logistics and distribution. It operates through different means such as financing businesses, creating partnerships, enabling collaboration, developing human capital, and providing consultancy services. Based on a human approach inspired from its slogan "Amity and Investments", Concordia Group aspires to create long-term benefits for its community and clients.